Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine: Local ownership of democracy: transparent governance on local level

Description: With the support of the Government of Norway, this project aims to encourage Armenian, Georgian and Ukrainian local governments to initiate changes to enhance democracy, thus taking ownership of democratisation rather than waiting for the guidance of the central government. Focusing on increasing transparency of the decision-making process through inclusion of civil society organisations and communicating with the media as well as by publishing relevant reports, the local governments can take steps to increase the trust of the local population. The project will show in practice to the people in regions that by working together, things can change even without full, desired legislative frameworks to enhance it. By implementing an inclusive approach, they can make sure that policies and decisions are as efficient and effective as possible. Special focus will also be on increasing participation of women in decision making that will help to build more equal and inclusive governance.

Target Groups: Local civil society organisations and local governments in 5 regions of Armenia, 10 regions of Georgia and 5 regions of Ukraine

Documents: Grant Agreement

Sub-agreements: Contracts for travel arrangements (“Püsikliendileping”) have been signed with AS GoTravel (EE) and AS Estravel (EE) for the duration of the project. The volume of travel services during the project is up to EUR 330,000.


Ukraine Crisis Media Center, NGO, Ukraine; Partnership agreement in the amount of EUR  169 999

Anti-Violence Network of Georgia, NGO, Georgia; Partnership agreement in the amount of EUR 250 259

Armenian Association of Women with University Education, NGO, Armenia; Partnership agreement in the amount of EUR 163 960

Funding: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Budget: EUR 2,6M