Moldova Interested in Estonian Experience to Boost Start-up Sector

Estonia seems small when looking at its geographic size and population. But, when considering our enterprises, especially the Estonian start-up sector, our country is impressively large and has a global reach. There are over 1400 Estonian start-ups, and the sector is growing 35% per year. The number of jobs created by start-ups is remarkable and due largely to business friendly regulations, which make it easy to operate, invest, and raise funds in Estonia. 

ESTDEV’s core stakeholders from Moldova visited Estonia to get inspired and learn from our experience in building a strong and cohesive start-up ecosystem, as well as how to incorporate Estonian practices in Moldova.


Moldova Stakeholders’ Key Takeaways:

  •  The role of a government is as an enabler and facilitator in creating a favourable business environment that allows the private sector to thrive and innovate.
  • Partnership between the private sector, and public sector, and researchers is crucial to advance innovative business models, products, and services.
  •  A favourable legislative environment for innovators and investors as well as easy accessibility and inclusive decision-making are the keys for building a successful entrepreneurial environment.
  • Reliable digital infrastructure and a focus on research and development empowers deep tech companies.
  • Estonia’s comparative advantage is a well-functioning start-up community.
  • The emphasis on entrepreneurship education and competence building of entrepreneurs and decision-makers for empowering digital transformation in all sectors

The visit culminated with the participation in the  sTARTUp Day, where Moldovan colleagues met with innovators, researchers, investors, and other start-up community members, who openly shared their experience and insights.

The visit was organised under the Partnership Agreement, which aims to advance digital skills development and entrepreneurship in Moldova, supported by the ESTDEV, USAID, SIDA and Chemonics International.

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ESTDEV is a state foundation that organizes and coordinates Estonia’s participation in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid programs with the aim of increasing Estonia’s contribution to global security and sustainable development.