Estonia has supported Moldova’s development cooperation projects since 2000, and Moldova has been a priority country for Estonian bilateral development cooperation since 2006. Estonia supports Moldova’s entry to the European Union and is ready to offer assistance for the realization of the Association Agreement in Moldova. An Estonian-Moldovan development cooperation strategy has been created reflecting Moldova’s needs and determining directions and areas for development in which Estonia can offer added value.

Estonia also supports Moldova’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The priorities of our development cooperation so far are the promoting democratic state governance, including e-governance and local governance, supporting the reform of the healthcare system, and supporting the development of rural areas.

Since 2000, Moldova has been supported by Estonian development cooperation in the amount of 10.4 million euros. During this period, 261 projects have been implemented in Moldova. There are currently 10 ongoing projects in Moldova.

Global Sustainable Development Goals in Moldova

Priority Areas of Estonian Development Cooperation in Moldova

  • Development of democracy and introduction of good governance – activities promoting the implementation of the EU Association Agreement and the implementation of the reform agenda, including increasing administrative capacity and strengthening state institutions through e-government, cyber capability, and information-communication technology (ICT); involving civil society in governance and shaping reform processes; improving participatory democracy and good governance; promoting awareness of the EU; fighting corruption and promoting the principles of the rule of law; increasing the capacity of local government; increasing media independence and strategic communication.
  • Poverty reduction – supporting the development of rural areas by strengthening the capacity of local government units and promoting community policy; supporting small business, including introducing the principles of creating start-ups and involving women and young people in business.
  • Improvement of the quality of education – adapting the educational system of Moldova to meet needs, including adapting existing and new curricula to the needs of the labor market; promotion of lifelong learning; adapting the vocational education system to the needs of the labor market; improving the quality of education and popularizing vocational education; promotion of cooperation between students, teachers, researchers, and educational institutions; improving the quality of education in general education schools; introducing modern teaching methods and better organization of digital and distance learning.

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Ongoing projects in Moldova

Project Project Dates Project Implementer
Development of social entrepreneurship and employment of young people with disabilities in Razeni region 01.03.2021–30.08.2022 NGO Peipsi Koostöö Keskus
Strengthening Moldova’s good governance and the development of democracy by introducing Estonia’s experience and analyzing secure ICT solutions in the field of internal security 01.09.2021–31.10.2022 NGO Organization for Development, Security and Sustainment 
Training of Moldova’s small rural businesses in the financial management and marketing management 01.10.2021–30.11.2022 Eesti Maaülikool
Increasing the participation of Moldovan women and young people in entrepreneurship 01.10.2021–01.12.2022 Viljandimaa Omavalitsuste Liit
Strengthening Democratic Processes, Rule of Law and Good Governance in Eastern Partnership Countries 01.04.2018–31.12.2022 ESTDEV
Implementing Democratic Governance Based on European Union Values and Principles of Transparency: Applying Estonian Reform Experiences to Empower Local Governments in Moldova 01.09.2019–31.12.2022 ESTDEV
Development of Causeni agri-hub and added value in agricultural sector 16.08.2021–10.12.2022 NGO Peipsi Koostöö Keskus
Entrepreneurial Moldova by Garage48 and YEP! Moldova: Popularization of entrepreneurship and growing of the local entrepreneurial community 01.01.2022–31.12.2022 Garage48 OÜ
Mitigating the socio-economic consequences of COVID-19 by developing the business support ecosystem in Moldova 01.03.2021–31.12.2022 NGO Loov Eesti
Innovative and digital solutions to support Moldovan rural development 03.01.2022–30.06.2023 Tartumaa Arendusselts