The Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) is a government-funded foundation to manage and implement Estonia’s  international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance projects in Eastern Partnership countries and Africa.

Contact Information

Kadri Maasik
Executive Director

Marin Terep
Executive Assistant

Liina Simm
Human Resources Manager

Helen Raun 
Quality Manager

Lea Kõu
IT ja Information Management Coordinator

Andrea Kivi 
Legal Advisor

Nelli Timm
Twinning Advisor

Silver Loit
Senior Advisor

Africa and Emerging Markets Departement

Karin Maasel
Head, Africa and Emerging Markets Department

Kristel Rillo
Program Manager for Digital Education

Andres Ääremaa
Program Manager for Digital Transformation

Katrin Winter
Advisor, East-Africa

Annika Leek
Project Specialist

Gretlyn Kangro
Administrative Coordinator

Eastern Partnership Department

Tiina Ilsen
Head, Eastern Partnership Department

Paula Kolk
Senior Project Manager

Alina Varul
Senior Project Manager

Katrin Lugina
Project Manager

Anna Alen
Project Manager

Marika Kundla
Project Specialist

Artur Aukon
Lead Expert, Media and Disinformation

Ando Kiviberg
Lead Expert, Local Development and Governance Reforms

Tiit Matsulevits
Expert, Media and Law Enforcement Reforms

Aap Neljas
Senior Researcher

Finance Department

Evelina Teearu
Head, Finance Department

Maarika Randmaa  
Financial Expert

Ruth Karolin
Projects Financial Expert

Communications Department

Tiina Joosu-Palu
Head, Communications Department

Kristi Vikman
Digital Communications Specialist

General Information